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Botanic Orchid Die

Botanic Orchid Die
  • Botanic Orchid Die

Enjoying showy and elegant orchid blossoms that need no maintenance has now become a reality! Known for their beauty as well as for being a somewhat finicky flower to grow, you no longer need a green thumb, specialized plant knowledge or jungle treks to bring their beauty to your surroundings. When paired with the Botanic Orchid Cling Stamp Set, these dies will have you creating stunningly realistic florals in any color you desire with the added bonus of never withering or fading due to lack of sunshine, water or long stays away from home.

These dies are part of the Botanic Orchid Collection and pair with the Botanic Orchid Cling Stamp Set.

Product Info:
Approx. Image Sizes:
1. Large Botanic Orchid: 4.0”x 3.0”
2. Midsized Botanic Orchid: 3.0” x 1.5”
3. Small Botanic Orchid: 1.75” x 4.0”


Product Code: HCD1-7101
Limited Edition
Available until: 12/02/2017 or while supplies last

$23.99 $29.99
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