Would you like to bring an ‘oooohhhh and aaaahhhh’ to your friends and family this Christmas Season? Want to learn how to create Festive Poinsettias and home decor with just a few pieces? Are you ready to expand your creativity and showcase your talent?

Then you don’t want to miss this Scrapbook Expo Weekend Spotlight exclusive 2 hour, online class on November 6th! Join Emma Lou Live and follow her easy step by step instructions and learn how to create a variety of Festive Poinsettias and home decor! Take this class with your friends, or have your own private class, uninterrupted! Can’t attend live? No problem! Watch the replay at your convenience!

Sure, the class is free… but what will I need for it?

You’re right! You can’t create festive poinsettias and home decor without any supplies! That’s why we’ve come up with 3 convenient bundles to help you get the most out of your class!

  1. Basic Essentials Festive Poinsettia Bundle
    Basic Essentials Festive Poinsettia Bundle BUNDLE-1121-03
    Special Price $71.97 Regular Price $79.97
  2. Deluxe Festive Poinsettia & Home Decor Bundle
    Deluxe Festive Poinsettia & Home Decor Bundle BUNDLE-1121-04
    Special Price $167.94 Regular Price $209.92
  3. Accessory Add On Bundle
    Accessory Add On Bundle BUNDLE-1121-05
    Special Price $43.15 Regular Price $47.95
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