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For only $12.99 a month members enjoy 20 percent savings on all purchases, free shipping on all U.S. orders, 20% off international shipping, and free access to every online class (valued at $30 each). Whether you’ve been a crafter for a week or a lifetime, the Insider Membership has the benefits you need to take your skills to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I combine the Platinum and Insider Memberships?

    No, you cannot combine memberships.
  • Will the Platinum Membership be expiring?

    Only the Insider Membership will be offered going forward. But if you were previously a Platinum Member you will remain a Platinum Member for life.
  • Will I need an Insider Membership card like I did with the Platinum Membership?

    No, you will not need an Insider Membership card.
  • Can I use my membership benefits at a trade show?

    Yes, you can use your 20% savings benefit at any trade show. Simply present your ID at checkout so we can find your membership details.
  • What if I need to cancel my membership?

    You may cancel at any time. Your membership will stay active until the billing cycle has expired. The membership fee is non-refundable so no refunds will be given for cancellations.
  • What happens to my previously purchased online classes if I cancel?

    You will still have access to the online classes that you purchased before signing up for the Insider Membership. You will only lose access to the online classes added to your account through the membership benefits. After cancellation online classes will be available for purchase.
  • What if I cancel and I was a Platinum member before signing up for the Insider Membership?

    If you cancel your Insider Membership and you were previously a Platinum member your account will be switched back to Platinum. You will still get 20% off all merchandise but will lose the other benefits of the Insider Membership.

Our Customers Say...

“What a great savings!!! To have FREE shipping and access to all the class for free. It’s a win win!” - Thea Shealane Sharette

“Just wanted to say I am immensely enjoying the class videos included with the Insider membership! They go into so much more detail and depth than the standard videos, I'm only on video 2 and I've learned sooo much already! Looking forward to putting some of the techniques into practice! And I have a running wish list that keeps getting longer with each video lol. ” - Jodi Clark

“ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY! Love it! I was already a Platinum member so I already had the discount and early ordering but I LOVE that when there is a release or a special I can order and not worry about the shipping even when it is under $100 ( -$10 off a die and Hexagons are in route) I love all the classes (I believe I have watched 5 so far) and I love being a part of this AMAZING company!!!!” - Melanie Smith

“Everything! I'm certain that my membership has paid for itself already. I've enjoyed several classes, the 20% discount and the free shipping. Thank you HFC.” - Kalea Canarr-Capps

“I have to admit, there are two reasons I Favor! Free tutorials / classes and free shipping! I used to pay on shipping for everything unless it was $100.00. Now oh my. I have more money to spend!!! Thank you sooo much!” - Katherine Harrison

“I love to order anytime I want something become of not having to worry about shipping costs. Before I would wait for $100 order and by the time it came to order I wanted different things and had to make a new list. This is so much better. And I love the specials Heartfelt comes up with like $10 off a die set....how wonderful is that! And still 20% off on top of that....yeah! How lucky we are!!” - Sandy Woods

“I think it’s great!! Free shipping, access to classes whenever I have time to do them. I am very happy with being an Insider. It definitely is a savings!!” - Carrie Killoren

“Love the Insider benefits. I think I have watched all the prior classes now.” - Kim Tucker Bethke

“I love the fact that I can get free shipping on anything. I have already paid for my membership with just the free shipping. I also love that we can access all the classes for free.” - Caroline Jorgenson Parr

“I love the free shipping. I have ordered several times already. What a savings for me. I am ready for the free class too. I probably saved enough to pay for the membership already.” - Joyce Watts

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