Z-Fold Dahlias

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Z-Fold Dahlias

Other Products: Gold micro beads, Thin green satin ribbon, Hot glue gun, Archival ink- Saffron, Misti stamping tool, Double sided tape, Glitter, Yellow card stock (12” x 12” 30 cm x 30 cm ), Water spritzer, Ruler, Pencil.

For more tips on creating with the Dazzling Dahlia Collection watch the tutorial at https://youtu.be/KIIpo2C9oDs.

Instructions: The size of this Z fold card: 8 1/4 inches high x 4 inches wide. To make the card base, measure up from the bottom of the yellow card stock 4 1/2 inches on the left side edge, on the right side edge measure up from the bottom 8 1 /4 inches. Mark both these points with a pencil and connect these with a line made with the ruler and pencil. Cut along this line. Mark and make a fold lines with the aid of the scor-pal at the bottom edge to the top edge at 4 inches and eight inches. Fold the card so you have a Z folding card.

Decorate the card base by using the design paper in the Dahlia collection papers, sheet # 1B. Cutting the papers so the flower print is at the top edge of the card also cutting the papers a little smaller than the card base, ink all the edges with the saffron ink. Adhere to the card base using the double sided tape. Stamp the sentiment on inside of the card using sepia ink and the sentiment from the Elegant Gateway Sentiment stamp set. Taking into account the room needed for placement of the flowers.

To make the flowers: Using the white card stock and the library green ink, stamp the dahlias and the leaves needed for the card. Each dahlia flower has one large and one small petal layer. Four flowers and eight leaves are used for this card. Use the tea rose and the saffron inks to color the petals for the flowers and the leaf green and the fern green inks for the leaves.

Bring shape to the leaves and dahlias by using the dahlia 3d mold and the water mister. When the dahlia petals are still moist from the water spritzing from using the 3d mold, pinch the petal ends to pleat. Use the essential shaping tools or the golf tool set to bring more shape to the dahlia petals and centers if need. Apply clear drying glue with the hydra sponge to the petal ends also to the leaves then dip into glitter. When dry tap off any lose glitter ready for use. Adhere all the two layers together to make four dahlia flowers. Apply the clear adhesive to the dahlia centers then pour gold micro beads to this. When the adhesive is dry, tap away any excess beads and store for another project.

Adhere two dahlias to the front slanted edge of the card. Adhere the leaves around the dahlias so they all form a cluster. Make the gold tag sentiment by die cutting with the tag from the Ornamental Tags die set from the gold cardstock. Taking the green ribbon, tie this to the hole in the tag. Adhere this so it hangs from under the dahlias. Make a small bow from the ribbon then adhere this to the tag as shown. Arrange the remaining two dahlias and leaves to the back inside of the card. Slanted edge. Before securing with adhesive or the glue gun, fold the card closed to make sure it does close. Adjust if needed. Adhere in place.


Created By Susan Smit
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