Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

Other Products: Grey Cardstock, Gesso, Glue gun, paper Cutter, Ruler, Pencil, Scissor, Bone folder, Brush

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Instructions: Click here to view more photos of this project. Cut a piece of Grey cardstock at 5 1/2 x 11 inches, score at 5 1/2 inches on the long side and fold. Cut a piece of Grey Cardstock 5 1/4 10 1/2 inches, score at 5 1/4 inches and fold. Now measure from each side 1/2 inch in on the score line and make a mark, then go 1 inch up on both sides, 1/2 inch in again on both sides and 1 up on both sides , 1/2 inch in again and 1 up on both sides. (I will put the drawing on my Blog too.) Now cut in both bottom 1 inch lines up then put your ruler at the end and fold the flap over the ruler, then make it really flat with your bone folder. Open the card and fold the flap inside and give it a good crease with your bone folder. Now do the same with the next 1 inch up, cut it, take your ruler and fold it again, open the card and fold this flap to the inside. Close the card and give it a good crease with your bone folder, do the same once more. Open the card, now you have 3 (stairs) Glue this piece in the other grey card. Cut a piece of Grey Cardstock at 2 x 12 inches and score at 3 x 8 5/8 inches and make it into a belly band

Stamp the Sparkling Poinsettias with Rhubarb Stalk on White Cardstock, cut them out with the coordinating die, color them very lightly with the Lady Bug, at the end a little bit darker, and shape them with your Deluxe Flower Shaping kit.Glue 2 of each on top of each other and put some glue in the center and add some prills to it. Glue also some Krystallos Glass in the flowers.

Stamp some Holly Clusters with Jet Black on White Cardstock and color with a mix of Bamboo Leaves and Leaf Green and cut them out with the ccoordinating die, make some berries on the clusters with the Nuvo drops, let ithem dry and take a sponge with glue and put this on top of the clusters and sprinkle some of the Frosting powder on it, melt this with the heat tool. Place the clusters on the Belly band, on top you can glue the Poinsettias. Stamp with Rich Cocoa some pinecones from the Merry and Bright Accent stamp set on White cardstock, color them with Sepia and Rich Cocoa and cut them out with the coordinating die put some white gesso on them, now you can glue them also on top of the band in between the flowers.

Cut a piece of paper with a nice image from the paper Collection for the front of your card and glue that down. For the Inside of your card, cut 2 pieces of Design paper at 3/4 x 2 inches and 1 piece 3/4 x 3 inches, Ink the edges with Teal Zeal and glue them on the Stairs.

Stamp the Word merry Christmas from the Silent Night Scroll set with Jet Black on White cardstock and color it with Bamboo Leaves, and Lady Bug and cut it out with the coordinating die, place some Nuvo drops on the place where the berries are and let them dry, Glue this on top of the stairs, use the winter wonderland name from the end of your paper and glue this on the top part of the stairs.

Cut our Snowy Village out of the paper collection with the die, cut it straight of at the bottom and glue this on the front of the first step, Now stamp 2 x the snowy village with Rich Cocoa on White cardstock and 2 x the trees of the Snowy Pine Village set and cut them out with the coordinating dies, color the doors and windows with the Rich Cocoa Ink and the Blender marker, color the trees with the bamboo Leaves. Glue one Village on the front of the second step, cut 2 Big trees loose and glue them along side the Village. Now cut the house and a few small trees off the next village so that is looks smaller and place this on the front of the third step.

Glue 2 trees on the small steps on both sides, now take a brush and gesso and make some white places in front of the houses and also make the trees, houses and banner white, take some glue on a sponge and put that also on the houses, trees and banner and sprinkle some of the Crystal Clear on it. In front of the houses you can also put some Seashell Nuvo crystal drops, make also some snowflakes with it for the bottom and back of your card. Let everything dry and then put the Belly band over your card to close it.

Created By Els Schutte
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