Summer Floral

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Summer Floral

Other Products: Twine, gold sequin, hot glue

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Instructions: Cut the image from sheet 9A with scissors and glue to a slightly larger rectangle prepared from sheet 5B. Fix the whole on a double base.

Create a composition of small and medium zinnia and zinnia buds. Stamp images of zinnia flowers and leaves on Deluxe Flower Shaping paper. Apply with applicator, shades of pink ink on flowers and green on leaves. Shape in the mold intended. Add a little glue to the center of each flower, combine 4 or more zinnia petals together. Wait for the glue to dry. Make a hole inside, use a mat and a special tool for it, then pass the stamens. Underneath, connect with hot glue.

Arrange the composition as shown. Finish with a white twine and gold sequin.


Created By Bozena Bodynek
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