Poppy Gift Basket

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Poppy Gift Basket


Ready basket measures 5.75" ×3" × 2.75". Take a piece of white cardstock measuring 11.25" × 8.5". Score on 2.75" on all four sides. Cut corners and create a box. For outer side of box 2 pieces measure 2.5" × 5.5" and 2 pieces measure 2.5" × 2.75" from designer paper. Cover all outer sides of box. For inside of box cut 3 pieces measuring 2.5" × 5.5" and 2 pieces measuring 2.5" × 2.75" from designer paper. Adhere all mats inside the box.

Cut 2 decorative pieces from white cardstock using largest die and smallest circle die from French Courtyard die set. Now to create handle add big circle die in die cuts and run half through die cutting machine.  Now fold them into half and glue both sides of box as pictured.

For stamens, take floral wire, glue a pearl using hot glue. Cover it with floral tape. Take a piece of floral tape and twist that to create a thin rope. Arrange it on pearl to create pattern. Now cover it with floral tape. Press slightly to create depth. Paint it using copic markers. Take white floral tape and twist it to create thin rope. cut it into small pieces. Take Rajni Chawlas's Frosting Powder and add few drops of sunflower reinker to color Frosting Powder. Apply glue on the both ends of floral tape rope pieces and add Frosting Powder on it. Now tie them with floral Buds which we create earlier. 

For flowers, stamp Wild Poppy flower on deluxe flower shaping paper using rose madder ink and cut with coordinating dies. Paint flowers using tea rose and rose madder. Shape flowers using golf tool. Pierce the center of flower, add stamen and layer flowers in alternate manner and glue them using hot glue. For Buds, stamp small flower using leaf green and cut with coordinating die. Paint with same ink and shape with golf tool. Take a stamen, glue a flower and then cover it with green flower. Stamp leaves from Large Floral Urn, Floral Shoppe Accents and  Summer Wreath Accent stamp on deluxe flower shaping paper using leaf green archival and cut with coordinating dies. Paint leaves using same ink and shape using stylus. 

Arrange all the elements on card and adhere them with hot melted glue. For finished look, apply Art Glitter Clear Dries adhesive on flowers and leaves and add Rajni Chawlas's Crystal Clear. 

Other Products: Smooth White Cardstock, Hot Glue, Floral Wire, Floral Tape, Copic Markers, Pearl

Created By Uma Didwania
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