Poinsettia Candle Wreath

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Poinsettia Candle Wreath


Die-cut in scrap cardstock (it will be covered) 2x rounded Sunlight Window die together with Circle Basics Large Die 3 1/2" to create rings (the size of the hole can vary depending on your candle - candle shown is 3" diameter 7" high). With a paper trimmer cut strips 1 3/4" wide and score 1/2" full length of each side. With scissors snip down to the score line the full length of the strip both sides to create little tabs approx 1/2" (tip: snip straight first to the score line, then at an angle at the cut to one side or both sides of the tab, this will help the tabs fold over each other when glued) (photos will be on my blog). Create a tab at the end of a strip if you need to adhere more than one strip together to get the length required. With the strips as one long length apply a generous amount of dries clear around the outer of the ring and adhere the tabs inward, overlap the strip and trim off to length required to complete the circle. Once dry, repeat with the other ring (as the inner circle is open you can get your hands inside to press the tabs firmly) allow to dry. Apply double sided tape to the solid side of the ring and wrap ribbon/sacking around to make a complete donut.

Stamp the largest and second smallest Festive Poinsettia in Red Gerranium onto Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper, colour front and back in Carnation Red and Vivid Chartreusse in the centres and random areas on the leaves. Die-cut, spritz and lay face down in the 3D Small/Large Festive Poinsettia Shaping Mold. Add inka gold wax to random areas on the petals and hot glue 2 petals of same size together. Poke a hole through the smaller poinsettia and add red and gold Bead Stamens, secure with hot glue to the back and trim off excess wire. Adhere the smaller flower to the centre of each large flower with hot glue. Create 6 complete poinsettia.

Stamp in versamark the small leaves onto 7B red Festive Poinsettia Paper Collection, cover with gold embossing powder and heat set. Die-cut and shape with Deluxe Flower Shaping Tool Kit.

Stamp holly leaves in Seafarer onto Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper, colour in Vivid Chartreusse, die-cut colour the back and edges in Library Green.

Pinch wired ribbon 1 1/2" wide 18" long into bow and secure the centre with discarded stamen wire. Make 6 bows and adhere behind each poinsettia with hot glue. Use hot glue to adhere these to the wreath, then add holly leaves and small leaves. Place candle inside to complete.

Other Products: Hot glue, wired ribbon, sacking ribbon, paper trimmer/scissors, double sided tape

Created By Lynn Stanborough
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