Petunia Magic Box

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Petunia Magic Box

Other products: Paper trimmer, ribbon, decorative corner punch from Stampin Up and Stampin Up ink in Melon Mambo, Early Espresso and Garden Green. 

Watch this tutorial to see how to shape the petunias

Instructions: To see a close up of this box click here. Inspiration and step by step pictures for this project comes from: Tattered Lace Issue 6 and top for box comes from here

A DOWNLOAD of the Treasure Box Template at: here

STEP 1: MAIN BOX Cut a 12” x 6 1/4 ” piece of cardstock and then score at 3”, 6”, and 9”. Cut eight pieces of decorative paper 2 7/8 inches x 6 inches and apply to each side of outside of and inside of the box. Stamp, color and die cut 4 Classic Petunia Bouquet vines and place on inside of main box as shown in picture. Stamp, color and die cut two classic petunia bouquet baskets, flowers, and hanging baskets for outside of box and place on outside of box as shown in picture.

STEP 2: DRAWERS Cut four squares of cardstock measuring 5.875” (5 7/8″) x 5.875” (5 7/8″). Score each of the squares at 1 1/2 ” on all four sides. Cut to the 1st score mark on two sides. Glue each drawer together.

Cut four pieces of decorative paper 2 3/4" square for inside of each box and 32 pieces of decorative paper for inside and outside of drawers 2 3/4" by 1 1/4". Apply paper to inside and outside of drawers. Die cut 4 vines with white cardstock, one for each drawer with the Cut Mat Create 1B Die and place on drawers as shown in picture. 

STEP 3: DRAWER PLACEMENT Lay your main box scored piece down flat and then align and glue one drawer to the very top edge of the right panel. Align and glue another drawer to the very bottom edge of the left panel. For the middle two drawers, you will want to use a glue that is temporarily repositionable. Position one drawer to the panel adjacent to the right top drawer just below the top drawer. Position the remaining drawer to the panel adjacent to the left bottom drawer just above the bottom drawer. Immediately close the panel after positioning to make sure the drawers are straight and positioned correctly so that the box will close. Reposition if necessary.

STEP 4: LID The lid has 2 parts. Cut 2 pieces of cardstock measuring 7 1/8” x 3.5”. Score each piece at 1 1/2” on the long side and 1” on the shorter side. Cut the long score line on the short side  down to the 1 1/2” score line. Then cut 1” in from the end along the 1 1/2″ score line to the 1” score line as shown. This little flap will be the connection between the two lid pieces. Now tuck the tab in and fold the long side of each piece in half. Place a small mark at the center of the top of the two folded pieces of cardstock. The mark should be placed with the shorter scored section with the tab at the bottom. Now you need to score from the center mark down to the end of the scored line on both sides. Unfold the two pieces and position them as shown with a tab at each end. Before gluing, you will want to use a decorative corner punch for each of the 4 corners. Line the corners up exactly and then use the punch on both sides. Now fold in the middle and use the corner punch for the other two corners. After punching the corners, fold along the scored lines to form the lid. Line up the corners exactly and glue them all together. Your tabs should be at opposite sides of the lid. Apply glue to the flaps and tuck them inside to attach them to the insides of the lid. Stamp, color and die cut four small and large classic petunias. Shape petunias and place one completed petunia on each of four sides of the lid.

FINAL PROJECT: Fold your box with drawers together. Your lid will fit over your box easily yet snugly. Decorate as shown in pictures. Apply Beautiful Bling Borders - Fancy Waves and Beautiful Bling Borders - Fancy That to outside of box as shown in picture.

Created By Pamela Korte
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