One In A Million Lattice Oval

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One In A Million Lattice Oval


Card size: 3 1/2" x 8 1/2". Cut a white eyelet panel glue it to a slimline card base. Cut a pink panel with the Slim Basics to fit inside of white eyelet panel then glue it. Cut a white and a gold Slim Lattice Oval. Glue them together slightly offset then glue to card on top of pink layer.

Stamp the sentiment using Magenta Hue, die cut with the small decorative die of the Slim Lattice Oval set. Die cut again from gold. Glue the 2 decorative parts together slightly offset then glue to card. Glue the sentiment to the center.

Stamp Wild Roses (smallest and next one up) using Magenta Hue, die cut, sponge edges with the Magenta, sponge the insides with magenta Hue and Buttercup. Mold in the Shaping Mold then finish on the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit mat with a stylist. Pierce centers insert light pink stamen, fill in centers with Prills. Use Crystal Clear to glitter flowers.

Stamp the leaves using Fern Green, die cut, sponge with Leaf Green and some Magenta. Form in the Shaping Mold then cut apart in sets of 2 or 3. Mix shimmer and lacquer together then use a paint brush to paint it onto leaves.

Arrange flowers and leaves on the left side of the card.

Other Products: White cardstock, hot glue, shimmer additive

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