Lattice Swirl Magnolia

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Lattice Swirl Magnolia

Other Products: White cardstock, Acrylic Shimmer additive, tiny flower punch (for bud sepal), Copic: G21, G84, V11, V15, V01, Y15, foam sheet

Instructions: Card size: 4 3/4 x 6 3/4". This card has a side fold. Place your die on the fold, letting it over-hang the fold so as not to cut it, (see video). Cut the outer die again on white and 2 times on light yellow (1 will go inside). Use a good weight white to help keep the fold edge from getting bent (if you skip this part you will be sorry later because the decorative paper wasn’t meant to be heavy weight for a card base and your left edge will get messed up!!) Glue the yellow inside and glue the white and yellow together for the outside and adhere to card front.

Die cut the decorative die using white then glue it to the front. Stamp the sentiment on white using Majestic Violet, die cut with a small circle die, die cut another small circle from foam. Edge the stamped circle with Majestic Violet then glue it to the foam and then onto the card.

Stamp flowers using Majestic Violet, die cut. Stamp the leaves with Fern Green, sponge with Leaf Green and Majestic, die cut. Sponge the backs of leaves with Leaf and sponge the edges and flowers and the backs with Majestic Violet (go very light on the backs). Run leaves and flowers through cutting machine with the Mold. Glue 2 layers each for flowers, pierce centers and insert dyed stamen (use Buttercup to dye stamen). Use 1 flower as a bud, stamp side out. Use a Groove Golf tool to curve the petals in so that they fit together nicely then glue shut. Insert 1 pollen stamen and use the wire for a stem. Punch a very small flower from green paper, cut into center to make a slit then fold around bottom of the bud to create a small sepal. Arrange flowers and leaves around the bottom/left including the bud.

Stamp Magnolia Bouquet curve using black then color and die cut. Use a tool to shape slightly from the back. Use some pop-ups on the back of small flowers to give it a little dimension then adhere to card top. Glitter the card randomly using a sponge and Crystal Ultrafine glitter. Use Crystal Clear to glitter all the flowers. Mix shimmer to lacquer and paint the leaves with it.

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