Jarred Daffodil Bouquet

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Jarred Daffodil Bouquet

Other Products: White Cardstock, green cardstock, Alcohol Inks-Yellow, green, orange and pink, jelly jar, iridescent Easter basket filler, embossing Ink Pad

Instructions: Jar is 2 x 2 1/2”, Project 6 1/2” tall. Stamp enough small daffodils (both parts) for 3 flowers using yellow. Sponge backs and edges with yellow. Run flowers through the shaping mold. Glue 2 bottom pieces together for each flower. Glue half circle top part of daffodil together at ends and fold bottom tabs up. Glue the top “cup” onto the bottom base. Stamp enough small daffodil (bottom only) using purple to make 3 “crocus”, sponge with purple on both sides and on edges. Glue 2 bottoms together for each flower make a small bowl stamp side out. Stamp Hydrangea using embossing fluid pad and emboss with white on white. Make 7 flowers with 2 layers each. For the small white flowers use 1 white beaded stamen in each. For the daffodil use the yellow pollen stamen and for the purple crocus use orange pollen and orange medium pearl stamen (dye the pearl stamen with orange alcohol ink).

Make long Daffodil leaves with green cardstock, hand cut about 5 leaves and curl ends.

Color jar with alcohol inks. Fill with Iridescent filler then fill with flowers and leaves (glue in place with hot glue). Glitter flowers.

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