For the Bride and Groom

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For the Bride and Groom

Other Products: Spectrum Noir Harmony inks: Orange, Pine tree, Grasshopper, Lemon Tonic. Diamond stickles, Hot glue Gun, Fussy cutting Scissors, Double sided Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Misti Stamping Tool, Versa-Mark, White organza ribbon, A4 Sheena Douglas White Stamping Card. Crafters Companion Heat Resistant acetate. White card.

For more tips on creating with the Calla Lily Collection watch the tutorial at

Instructions: The finished size of this card is 8 1/4” x 6 1/4” / 21cm x 16cm. Taking the white card stock, make a hinged tent fold card measuring 8 1/4” x 6 1/4” / 21cm x 16cm. To do this, cut x2 of the above measurements from the white card stock. From one of the cards make a 1/2 “ / 1.5cm fold line across the smaller edge. Apply the double-sided tape between the top card edge and fold line. Remove the protection tape about 1” / 2-2.5cm on both ends, fold these back on an angle so you will be able to remove it when adhered. Once both the cards are aligned remove the protection tape. Your card base is made. When the card is completed, the back card can be folded out so the card will stand.

Cutting list: The Arch: 3x white card, 1x white stamping card. The swans: 1x Calla Lily: 3x large, 3x medium, 2x small. Calla Lily large sprays: 3x pairs Calla Lily sprays small: 2x spray pairs. Leaves; 3x large leaf, 3x small leaf. All the stamping is done with the Library Green ink.

Ink the card front edge with the Yellow Tonic ink using the dauber or foam-inking tool. Find from the collection the pale green background paper with the swan in the arch on it, cut this to size. Ink also the outer edges of the papers with the Yellow Tonic ink. Adhere the papers to the card front leaving the space to between the two papers for the paper eyelet lace die cut. The paper lace trim is inked with the Yellow Tonic ink then dipped into the glitter. Set aside to dry, when dry trim to size then adhere across the card.

Make the arch by adhering all the die cuts together, making sure you have the stamping card on the top for inking with the Yellow Tonic and Grasshopper inks. When the arch is inked apply glitter to the outer edge, when this is dry adhere the arch to the card front so the tip of the arch is about 1/2” / 1.3cm from the top of the card.

To make the Calla Lilies: The cream colored stamens are used for each Calla lily; apply a little orange ink to the stamens before use. Bring color to the leaves and the Calla lily’s using the Harmony inks and the inking tool. When this is done, bring shape to them by using the 3D Calla Lilly mold that comes with the collection, using the shaping tools when needed. Adhere the stamen to the lily center using the hot glue gun and then folding both the lily edges over to the front to cover the beginning of the stamen. The wire is inked with the grasshopper ink. For these flowers the wire is not cut away until they are twisted around each other to keep the flower spray in place.

Once the Calla Lilies, leaves and all the elements are made, adhere first the leaves and the Calla Lilies to the foot of the card front. Make a double bow and adhere this in place. The swans, then the sentiment above the swan’s heads, adhere the sentiment made with the acetate using the hot glue gun or clear drying glue to the edges of the arch. Adhere the Calla Lily sprays where needed as fillers for the arrangement making sure the glue used for the sentiment is covered. Also adhering the Calla Lily sprays on both sides of the arch.

To finish the card, apply the diamond stickles to highlight the stamens in the Calla Lily sprays and to the swans leaves and lilies.


Created By Susan Smit
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