Floral Pocket Folder

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Floral Pocket Folder


This Folder bundle with a bellyband measures   6" x 5 1/4“  when completed. The elements needed for this project are to be stamped with the collection sets, Sweet Pea, Vining Sweet Pea, Classic Floral Vase and are stamped onto white card stock with the sepia and or library green inks: Small sweet pea vines x4 blue, x3 pink. Large sweet pea vines x3 blue, x5 pink. 3D leaves x8. Small 3D sweet pea flowers, blue x4. Inks used for the colouring: The blue Chipped Sapphire, for the pink worn lipstick. For the leaves Peeled Paint. A water brush is used to bring the ink onto the elements. Diecut all the elements and shape the leaves and flpwers in the 3D mold.

Taking the readymade gateway fold card make a fold line at 2" . Cut with the scissors into this fold to the base, making a gusset so the folds will not be too bulky. Fold the pocket up so the pocket will be across the card. Sharpen all the folds with the bonefolder.

To make the journaling tags for the pockets: Cut from the white card stock three to four different sized frames for each pocket. Ink the edges with the green ink with the aid of a dauber or a inking brush. Adhere a pink or blue sweet pea vining image to each frame, trimming the image when needed to fit the frame. Use the back of the frames for journaling or adhere a photo. Insert the frames into the pockets.

To decorate the front page: Taking the photo chosen, then fussy cut around the top of the photo as shown. Arrange the lacy frame, the pink and blue sweet pea vines around the photo and adhere in place by using the hot glue gun and the clear drying adhesive. Apply the diamond stickles to the leaves and runners then set aside to dry.

To decorate the page without the pocket: Taking the sheet 10B and the Eyelet Gateway Frame die set, die cut the eyelet edged frame thar fits the inside of the card. Cut the bottom of the frame so you can flip the cut piece so the eyelet edge comes across the page to look like it is a pocket. With the sepia ink stamp the sentiment found in the Classic Floral Vase cling set. Insert pink and blue small sweet pea vines into the pocket then adhere the pocket closed. Apply diamond stickles to the leaves and vines.

To make the bellyband: Taking the white card stock cut two pieces at 5 1/2“ x 2 3/4“ for the bellyband base. Taking the design paper sheet 10B and the Eyelet Gateway Frames die set, die cut two frames with the eyelet edge that fits into the width of the card stock pieces. Adhere to the bellyband base’s and make a hole for the ribbon with the crop-a-diel tool.

To find the measurements for the bellyband length, this depends on how thick your folder is when completed. Therefore all the photos, journaling and all that will be in the pockets needs to be inserted then place the right belly band part on top of the folder to make a pencil mark to where the fold will be. Now measure how thick the folder is, add a little more so the band will have a little room and this is your next fold line. Repeat for the other side using the remaining belly band. Sharpen the folds with the bone folder. Now both the belly band pieces will be joined together by using double sided tape and a little clear drying adhesive to the band ends, wrap it around the folder allowing room for the ribbon bow and join together.

To decorate the band use one large blue sweet pea vine and two small pink sweet pea vines, eight leaves and four 3D sweet pea flowers. Arrange in place then secure the elements with the hot glue gun and the clear drying adhesive. Apply the diamond stickles to the leaves and flowers. When dry then the ribbon can be threaded through the holes and the bow tied.


Other Products: Inks: Distress Inks: Chipped Sapphire, Warn Lipstick, Peeled Paint. Other: 1” round punch, Crop-a-dial hole puncher, Double sided tape, Hot Glue Gun, Diamond stickles, Misti stamping tool, Inking brush, Organza ribbon, Scissors, Fussy cutting scissors, Pencil, Photo, Tweezers.

Created By Susan Smit
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