Flighty Magnolia

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Flighty Magnolia


Create a base. Fold sheet 5A of the Floral Butterfly collection in half with the bottom first. Place the outer frame of the HCD1-7352 Large Floral Butterfly Die against the top edge. Slightly move the die over the edge, fasten with tape so that it does not move, diecut.

From Sheet 3B of the Spring Garden Collection, cut out two more butterfly shapes next to each other in the same color scheme. So that they constitute a coherent whole. Stamp the butterfly from the HCPC-3951 Large Floral Butterfly set on the vellum, use the Pebble Beach color. Sprinkle with white embossing powder. Pour any excess powder back into the container. Use an embossing heat gun to melt the powder. Cut out the shape with the matching die. Adhere together.

Stamp two sprigs from the HCPC-3952 Floral Butterfly Accents set on a Luxe Gold Cardstock using Color Box White ink. Sprinkle with white embossing powder. Melt the powder with the heat gun. Cut with matching dies.

Stamp the leaves from the HCPC-3932 Floral Shoppe Accents set and the HCPC-3931Large Floral Urn set twice on a white sheet of 120g thickness cardstock using Bamboo Leaves and Vivid Chartreuse.

On the same paper, stamp a flower sprig from the Floral Butterfly Accents Die set again. Apply the colors Cactus Flower for flowers and Pistachio for the leaves to the individual parts of the stamp at the same time. Cut with matching dies. Place the composition in the middle as shown and glue it so that most of the leaves are free.

Prepare flowers. Use white Art Foam and stamp Magnolia images from HCPC-3948 Sweet Magnolia Blooms Set multiple times. Use Vibrant Fuchsia ink. Cut with matching dies. Using a dauber, reapply the Vibrant Fuchsia color on both sides. Shape petals by putting them on a hot or medium hot iron, depending on the settings. Please be careful. Use a wooden stick to hold the petals in place to prevent burns, and hold them until the petals start to shrink slightly, about three to five seconds. Form by hand until the petals are warm, creating embossments by stretching individual elements of the petal. Stretch it gently to the sides creating a slight curvature at the same time. Some of them should be attached to the iron only with the printed side, others with their back part. Use 4 petals per flower. Glue the hot glue together with the stamens. Decorate the center with pink stamens from the HCS1-457-3 Pastel Bead- Medium Stamens kit.

Prepare two magnolia flowers. Arrange them in the central part on the previously prepared composition of leaves and twigs. Stamp magnolia petal images from HCPC-3948 Sweet Magnolia Blooms Set on paper using Ranger Archival Ink Pad- Vibrant Fuchsia. Cut with matching dies by passing through a cutting machine. Apply the same pink ink to both sides of the petals using a dauber. Connect three or four petals and form them into a rose shape and glue.

Other Products: Cutting machine, white paper 120g, iron, stick, hot glue, ColorBox white ink

Created By Bozena Bodynek
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