Eyelet Wonder

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Eyelet Wonder


Card size: 3 7/8 x 8 1/2". Cut the outer shape from black decorative paper (Friendship Rose Paper Collection) using the large Slim Eyelet Rectangle die, cut the top with the end of the Curvy Accent Border (Eyelet Edge edge). Using the Slim Basic Rectangle die to fit, cut a layer of Luxe Silver and foam sheet. Cut the top with the Curvy Accent Border (plain edge) die to match the top of the Eyelet in curved shape. Cut a piece of coordinating decorative paper to 3 1/4" x 8” then cut the top with the plain edge Curvy Accent Border to match the curve shape of the other tops. Glue panels in order on top of a folded slim card size 3 5/8” x 8” (this will insure that none of the white card base shows under the black eyelet layer).

Stamp the sentiment using Vibrant Fuchsia onto white cardstock then cut out using the Decorative Heart die. Cut a foam sheet the same size then glue it under the sentiment and onto card on top of decorative paper heart (if that paper was chosen).

Stamp the Small Wild Rose onto Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper using Vibrant Fuchsia then sponge with Magenta Hue, die cut then sponge edges and backs with Vibrant Fuchsia. Shape all the blossoms in the 3D shaping Mold then glue 2 of the same size together for each flower (stamp side up), except the bud which is only 1 blossom and stamp side down so that when petals are squeezed together to form the bud, the stamp side will show. Punch a small pointy flower from green to make a sepal for the bud. Pierce all the open blossoms in the centers then thread the silver pearl stamen through the centers, secure with hot glue then trim the backs of all threads. Glitter the flowers with Crystal Clear glitter.

Stamp the Leafy Accent leaves on Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper using Fern Green then sponge with Leaf Green and a little Magenta Hue. Die cut then sponge the backs and shape in the mold. Cut leaf into 2 or 1 leaf sections. Glaze the tops with 3D Lacquer mixed with shimmer additive (or whatever you have like lacquer).

Arrange leaves and flowers onto card at the bottom left side. Randomly glitter card using a sponge and Crystal Clear.

Other Products: White cardstock, foam sheet (like Fun Foam), Big Shot Plus (large format cutter), Acrylic shimmer additive, small flower punch with pointy petals.

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