Birthday Clematis

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Birthday Clematis

Other Products: Cutting machine, watercolor paint, white paper 170g, iron, hot glue

Instructions: Card size is 5 x 7”. From the blue 5A sheet of the HCDP1-2128 Climbing Clematis Paper Collection, cut the outer frame of the HCD2-7338 Lattice Flourish Gateway Die. From the green sheet 1B, cut out the outer frame as before, together with the decorative frame and the space for the sentiment. Join the two parts together with glue. From a 170g white sheet of paper and luxe gold cardstock, cut the bottom of the frame. Glue the two parts together with a slight shift, then attach as shown with the 3d foam strips. Create a fold-out base and attach the previously made parts to it.

On the same white paper, stamp the birdhouse (2x) with the birds (1x) using the Pebble Beach color. Use the HCPC-3956 Clematis Birdhouse & Trellis Cling Stamp set. Also stamp the flower composition from the HCPC-3955 Clematis Spray set. Cut with matching dies. Paint with watercolor paints using green for leaves, shades of pink for flowers, and a little blue for the image of birds. Wait for it to dry. Glue in the indicated places with foam circles and 3d foam strips.

From sheets 11B and 12B, cut out the birthday lettering, apply the lighter one on top and connect with glue with a slight shift. Attach to the card front as shown with glue.

Stamp 3x leaves from the HCPC-3932 Floral Shoppe Accents set. Use the color of Bamboo Leaves. Cut with matching dies. Apply Vivid Chartreuse color with a dauber. Prepare foam flowers. Stamp small and large images of the clematis flower and its leaves on the Art Foam. Use the Vibrant Fuchsia color. Cut with matching dies. Apply Vibrant Fuchsia color with a dauber. Form flowers by placing them on the medium-hot iron with the non-reflected side. Wait 3-5 seconds for the petal to curl slightly. Then, while still warm, mold by hand until the desired shape is achieved. For foam leaves, stamp using Bamboo leaves and Vivid Chartreuse. Die cut using coordinating dies. Combine 2 petals for 1 small flower and 3 for a large flower. Use hot glue. Pass the yellow stamens through the center. Fix with hot glue. Use 2 stamens for small flowers and 5 stamens for large flowers.

Connect the prepared flowers with the leaves and attach with hot glue to the selected places as shown. Combine the large flower with 2 paper leaves and 2 foam leaves. Place at the bottom of the composition. Combine the small ones with 2 pieces of paper and place them on top.

Created By Bozena Bodynek
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