Best Day By the Sea

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Best Day By the Sea

Other Products: White cardstock, Kraft cardstock, color pencils, foam tape, Crystal Stickles, ribbon, 6 x 6 layered circles card (retired) 

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Instructions: Card size: 6 x 6”. Cut 5 3/4" square panels for each page front and back. Draw around circle cut out of each page onto corresponding paper panels then cut out the circles with the circle die to fit. After all pages are cut front and back, then glue the layered book together. Glue each decorative paper panel onto it’s page, front and back. Cut kraft cardstock with the circle dies to create frames for each circle cut out, front and back. Cut Decorative Pocket Accents die 5 times from kraft cardstock for the top of each page (front only). Cut 4 corners from Swirly Accent Spray Die out of kraft, cut 8 corners from Album Tags and Accents, (corners go on the back of pages.  Cut out 2 circle tag sentiments and 1 small tag sentiment for the book, (tags are on the backs of pages as well).

Stamp 2 sets of birds, 2 sailboats, 2 sets of sand pipers, 2 sets of shells, 2 row boats, 2 lighthouse, 1 fence, 1 bird on post, 1 large cloud, die cut birds sailboats pipers, bird on post and cloud. (For the lighthouse, die cut rocks only on one of them. For the shells, die cut shells only on 1. For the rowboat, die cut boat only on 1. These parts will all be layered on top of the whole) Color all pieces (colored pencils were used for this sample). Foam tape the rock over rocks on lighthouse scene, foam tape the rowboat onto rowboat scene, foam tape shells on top of shell scene.

On the first 2 pages as well as the back, tear some tan decorative paper to use for sand and glue to the bottom of those pages. Use texture paste and a pallet knife or finger to make foamy tide coming into shore then add glitter before it dries. Add texture paste and glitter to the shoreline of the rowboat scene as well. Let dry. 

Front (page 1) - glue fence to left side, bird on post to right side, shells in the middle and sand pipers right and left side. Glue a flying bird top left. Glitter sand and shells. On the back, glue 2 swirly corners and 1 round tag.

Page 2 – Click here to see photo. Glue the rowboat set to bottom left matching sand lines then foam tape 2 sand pipers to sand. Foam tape one flying bird to the top right. Add Stickles to the water and glitter to the sand. On the back, glue 2 Swirly corners and 1 round tag.

Page 3 - Click here to see photo. Glue sailboat to left side matching horizons, glue a flying bird to the left top. Add Stickles to the water.  On the back, glue 4 Album Tags and Accent corners to the corners. Cut out a sentiment from the decorative paper and fish tail ends then glue it to the top of back.

Page 4 - Click here to see photo. Glue large cloud to top of circle cut out, glue flying birds right and left and glue second sailboat to circle cut out about 3/4" in from the left side. Add Stickles to the water. On the back, glue on 4 corners and small die cut tag.

Back page - Click here to see photo. Glue sunset on matching horizons, then use a combination of gluing and foam taping for the lighthouse set. Glue 2 more birds in the sky. Add Stickles to the water and glitter to the sand. Make sure to allow drying time for the Stickles on each page that has it.


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