Aviary Garden

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Aviary Garden

Other Products: London Fog Memento Ink, White Cardstock, foam tape, Copic Markers: YG11, YG05, YG07, E53, E33, E35, B21, B41, B45, RV10, E50, C1, C3, C5, white colored pencil, lace,

For more tips on creating with the Cascading Petals Collection watch the tutorial at https://youtu.be/DqhvfrsTI00.

For more tips on creating with the Window Scene cards & dies, watch the tutorial at https://youtu.be/LnM95GR92ao.

Instructions: Click here to view more phtos of this card. Card size: 6 1/8 X 6 1/2". The card base, glue outer 1/2 circle sides together so that the base is a regular gatefold (or cut off the outer 1/2 circles). Use the outer die of the Rounded Sunlight Window die set to cut inside and outside 1/2 circles out of paper (Cut 2 full circles then cut each circle in half) out of decorative paper. Cut another set from the striped decorative paper (used at the bottom of card). Cut a panel for the back of card and another from stripe, make sure all levels are the same for the lower striped panels Don’t glue anything yet. Cut a band for the front out of white heavy cardstock 2 1/2 X 7 1/8”. Cut matching panels out of decorative paper for the front and back. Score the band at 1” on left side and glue the 1” tab to the back of card. Now, before gluing any decorative paper on, it is time to glue the magnets on. 1 half goes on the inside right side (choose a spot that will be covered by the bird) glue it down and tape it while it dries. Place the other magnet on the other side (magnets sticking together) then put a little glue on it and close the band down over it (this will mark the spot because of the glue left behind), take the magnet off the side (be careful not the move the one underneath on the other side, it should be fine if it is taped down) then glue that magnet to the place where the glue spot is on the band and tape it down to dry thoroughly.

Die cut 1 Starry Night 1/2 circle and 6 straight Starry Night out of white. Glue decorative paper panels on all panels inside and out, remember to make sure all the striped panels are level inside and out. Use the straight Starry Night die cuts between all the intersections where stripe meets lavender decorative paper EXCEPT the inside of band, that is reserved for sentiment. Use 2 of the Starry Night straight die cuts for the top back panel, one facing up and one facing down. Cut the half circle Starry Night so that it is just the scallop and stars then glue 1/2 of the half circle to each inside sides from the top to the striped paper on each side.

Stamp the sentiments using Deep Purple ink, die cut the back panel sentiment with the Album Tags and Accents, also die cut the outer eyelet frame out of dark purple paper, glue to the center of the back panel. Cut the other sentiment in a strip 6” long then glue it to the inside of the band at the same height as the Starry Border.

Stamp the Window using black memento, stamp the vines, birds, pots using London Fog Memento, die cut all and color with Copics. Add white pencil to the tail and feathers of the large birds. For the window, cut a piece of very light yellow for the inside, cut some lace for curtains then glue the lace to the back of the window followed by the yellow backing. Glue it to the band on the outside then glue the branch with birds on at the bottom of the window. On the outside of the half circle “gates”, glue the pots, one on each side at the bottom then glue one vine growing out of each pot. Glue the wisteria with 2 shoots on the left top and glue the wisteria with 3 shoots to the right top. Open the gates and glue one bird to each side (hide the bump from the magnet with right side bird if possible). Avoid all score lines. Glue the wisteria with the 6 shoots at the top over Starry Borders.

Stamp multiple wisteria petals using Cactus Flower, Majestic Violet and Deep Purple inks, sponge with stamp colors and die cut. For the inside birds and flowers, use petals flat in single layers to make closing easier. Add green Prills to the center of each flower. For the blossoms on the band, pleat the ends of each petal and glue in sets of 2. Add green Prills to the centers then glue in sets of 2 onto each stamped flower.

For the hanging wisteria: Start with a 3/8” strip of cardstock about 1 1/4" long or so. Sponge with deep purple then starting at the bottom layer petals on, overlapping as you move up (Cut some apart so that you can use just 1 or 2 at a time or fold them down to accomplish this). I used the Groove Tool to give each petal a curved appearance. Start going a bit wider toward the center then back narrow for the top. Glue one wisteria shoot onto each stamped shoot (on the outside and top of the inside).

Randomly glitter the card and glitter all flowers. Use some gloss (lacquer) on leaves.


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