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Floral Chocolate Egg

Other Products: Styrofoam egg, Clay, Ribbon, wire, paper pen Salmon, Cheese cloth, Glue gun, Dark brown acrylic paint, Spectrum marker yellow GB5, Distress ink fossilized amber.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to shape the Classic Petunia.

Instructions: To see a close up view of this egg click here. First glue the 2 half eggs together as one and cut a little piece of the bottom so that it will stand, then cover the whole egg with clay as smooth as you can, let it dry, in the mean while you can stamp, and cut and color the petunias. I used yellow tones, but you can do your own color! When the egg is dry you can paint it with dark brown acrylic paint, let this dry very good!

If the egg is dry you can start decorating it, first I made a bow, glue this down with the heat gun and then I put some cheesecloth in front of this, now you can put all your flowers on it in a nice arrangement, at the end I curled the wire around a pencil and stuck it in between the flowers, at the end of the wire you can glue a butterfly, and also one on the flowers. I cut the butterfly out of the petunia collection.

Created By: Els Schutte

Small Classic Petunia Die


Large Classic Petunia Die


Classic Petunia Bouquet Die