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Plumeria Lei

Other Products: White & lime green cardstock, sparkle Mod Podge, Color Box pigment inks, lavender, lime, pink, & apricot, Altenew ink, evergreen, green & apricot 5-8mm beads, 28 ga. spool wire

Watch this tutorial to see how to shape the plumerias.

Instructions: On white cardstock, stamp ten of the largest flower petal set with lavender ink, ten of the largest with pink ink. Stamp ten of the next size down petal set with each lavender and pink inks. This should give you petals enough to make twenty large flowers and forty of the medium sized flowers. Cut all petals with matching dies. Following the video above, sponge all petal edges with same ink as they were stamped in. Sponge the centers of the lavender petals with lime ink, and the centers of the pink petals with apricot ink. Using the video as a guide assemble your flowers. Coat all flowers with Mod Podge inside and out. Stamp tens sets of the smaller leaf cluster onto lime green cardstock using black ink. Cut leaves with matching die. You will use only the smaller leaves, you should have twenty. Sponge all leaf edges with evergreen ink. Cut off stems, poke a hole in that end using piercing nib from shaping kit and curve slightly with 8mm tip. 

Cut a 36" piece of wire and start by treading two green beads on one end, twisting the wire up around beads to keep them from sliding off. With the paper piercing nib from tool kit, poke a hole in the center of one large and two small lavender flowers. String large flower first, then two beads, smaller flower, two beads, then third flower. Add one bead then the leaf, two more green beads then repeat with the pink & apricot flowers, using apricot beads in between these flowers. Keep repeating this process until all flowers are used. When you get to the end pull wire as close together as you can and twist them together. Wrap the twisted wire around the string wire several times and clip off long end. This makes a head band length of plumerias. If you want a Lei length I would stamp five more of each color large petals and ten more of each color of the smaller size petals and ten more leaves. Cut the wire at 54".

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