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Enchanted Mum Jewelry Ensemble

Enchanted Mum Jewelry EnsembleOther products: Ultra thick clear embossing powder, skewer, jewelry findings, small green and pink beads, glitter embossing powder

Instructions: Take a piece of the Enchanted Mums paper collection and cut it in long triangles measuring 3/4" on one end, 1/8" on the other end, and 12" long. Wrap them starting with the 3/4" first around the skewer. Keep it lined up in the middle as you reach the other end. Add glue to hold the paper in place. Make enough beads for a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. For the smaller beads, make them 1/2" on one end and 1/8" on the other still measuring 12" long. For the beads on the earrings start with a 1/4" strip that has 1/8" at the other end and, 12" long. When you are done with the paper beads coat them in the Essential Glue Pad, then dip them in clear embossing powder. Heat emboss them. Then add a layer of glitter embossing powder, following the same steps above. Finally coat them one more time with clear embossing powder. String the paper beads, beads and findings to make a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.

Created By: Penny O'Dell

Essential Glue Pad