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Rain Blossoms and Lace Times Six

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Other Products: Inks: Carad`ache Neocolor II water-soluble wax pastels: 140-Ultramarine, 230-Yellow Green,245-Light Olive. Archival coffee ink. Other: Water Mister, Inking tool, Water coloring brush, Scissors, Ruler, Hot glue gun, Double Sided Foam dots, White organza ribbon, Misti stamping tool, 3d foam dots

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Instructions: To see a larger photo of this project, click here. This box measures 8.5cm high x 14cm x 11cm.Taking the white card-stock and the gift box die and cut six sides as shown. You only want to use the die to cut up to the fold line for the top. So you get the bottom and the sides with the gluing tab. Using double-sided tape and dries clear glue for strength adhere x5 of the box tabs together, leaving the box open and flat. Put aside.

Taking the lace boarder die and the white card-stock, die cut x3 boarders. Adhere together and trim so the border will fit the top of the box panels. Adhere in place at the top of the box edge. Still leaving the box open and flat. Put aside. Taking only the outside square die for the flowered lace pattern die, cut six from the white card-stock. Apply the wet glue to the out line of the squares then apply the crystal clear. Put aside to dry.

Taking the Rain Boots and Blossoms stamp, stamp the flower images x3 each on to the white card-stock. Each flower images die cut x3 extra to make chippies. Color the flowers with the crayons listed in the product list. Adhere all the flower layers together so you will have x6 chippies. Adhere the 6 flower images to the 6 prepared squares. Adhere the squares to the box panels with the 3d foam dots.

Close the box and secure the bottom tabs. Taking the white card-stock and box sketch a 6-sided bottom base. Cut and adhere to the inside of the box. This will hold the box shape. To finish the box, apply wet glue to the lace edge then apply the crystal clear to the glue. Set aside to dry.

Created By: Susan Smit

Rain Boots and Blossoms Die


Gift Of Love Box Die


Sweetheart Borders Die


Spellbinders Tool N' One