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Potted Petunias

Other Products: White cardstock, mini terra cotta flower pot, styrofoam, floral wire, potting soil, hot glue gun, water mister, wire trimmer, scissors, paper trimmer, die cutting machine

Watch this tutorial to see how to shape the petunias

Instructions: Use a small 3" tall terra cotta flower pot as a container to plant your own handcrafted petunias. Cut a small block of styrofoam to fit within the pot and use hot glue to secure it at the bottom. Cut 6 pieces of floral wire to 4 - 6" in length and place the wire into the styrofoam. Use the hot glue gun to secure each wire in place. Drop a handful of potting soil into the top of pot to cover the styrofoam and give a more realistic appearance of an actual plant. Mix dries clear glue with a small amount of water and pour it over the potting soil, soaking it completely. Doing this will keep the potting soil from falling out once it has dried.

Stamp the small set of petunias 2 times from HCPC-3785 Small Classic Petunia and the large set of petunia 3 times from HCPC-3786 Large Classic Petunia stamp set in Memento Tuxedo Black ink onto white cardstock and diecut with coordinating dies. Using from the Sunrise Lily die, diecut multiples of the small and large flower base. 

Use the Stack and Store daubers for detailed application on the petunias and leaves. Use Lime Pastel to color both sides of the leaves. Use Guacamole ink to shade in darker on the front center of leaves. For petunias use Berrylicious ink on both sides of the petunia petals and flower bases. Use Dark Peony to shade in darker the front centers of petals. Dab a bit of the Gold stamp paint onto a non-porous surface such as clear cardstock, spritz with water to dilute and mix. Sponge the mixture onto the leaves. Make another stamp paint mixture, this time with the Magenta stamp paint. Sponge mixture over the petunias. 

After the petunias and leaves are dry, shape them. Use hot glue to assemble each flower base into a small cone shape. Fill each cone with glue and press shaped petunia into it. This helps the petunia to keep its upright shape.

Use hot glue to attach leaves and petunias onto the floral wire. After placing the petunias and leaves, you can bend and trim the wire to your liking to give it a completed full look.

Created By: Ellen Miller

Hydra Sponges


Clear Cardstock 8.5 x 11


Gold 3D Stamp Paint


Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit


Magenta 3D Stamp Paint


Sunrise Lily Die


Small Classic Petunia Die


Large Classic Petunia Die