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Wednesday August 21, 2019
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Hi Friend,

Happy Wednesday! How is your week going? Are you settled back into a routine with the kids and grandkids being back in school?

Have you taken time to create something beautiful this week? If not......I invite you to block out a couple minutes to be inspired with all the new projects that will not only inspire you to create something beautiful, but also get you started on creating your Christmas cards early this year. In talking with hundreds of crafters, a huge number say that Christmas is the number one holiday they make cards for! If you have never created Christmas cards before or always seem to push it to the last minute, I challenge you to get started today! 

If you missed the launch of the Candy Cane Cottage Collection, Click Here.

Poinsettia class

Are you registered for this online class? Don't miss out on your chance to learn how to create poinsettias 10 different ways! Do you feel stuck in a creative rut and use the same techniques to create your Christmas Poinsettias... or maybe your poinsettias look nothing like the ones you see online. Maximize the versatility with your poinsettias and learn how to create Christmas Poinsettias 10 Different Ways Register now 

When you pre-register, you earn a $15 coupon for your next online shopping spree:)

Our Crafters that take online classes say: 
Great class!! It is great to learn how to create many different looks with one flower and die stamp collection. it makes each collection more versatile. Each look was beautiful in itself. Then each one that you made built on the previous look. The colors are so bright and vibrant as well. Learning to add the stamens was a great added bonus. I always feel that every class that I have taken, whether online or in person, is designed to help all levels of paper crafters! ~Dawn Kuhn

It is amazing how many different ways to make flowers with the same sets. I also learned why some of my flowers flatten out and how to make them stay closed up for the bud look. Thank you~Kathy Wachter

I have been making flowers for awhile. In the class I discovered that I need to make things simpler. It really only take a small amount of pressure and no need to crush them up so much. Your flowers are flatter and my are have more pointed at the bottom. The simple techniques to make beautiful flowers. I didn’t know how to do the Stamens. I will be doing more of them. Thanks for getting me to the next level.~Jeanette Bradshaw

Have a wonderful and creative day! Much Love, Emma Lou

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