Floral Friday! Create elegant Dahlia flowers with the Dazzling Dahlia Collection and SAVE 10%

Friday April 2, 2021
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Hey friend how is your day going?

It's Floral Friday! Have you seen those beautiful paper flowers and thought “ I could never create that” or are you feeling limited by your flowers? Do you find yourself wanting to create a variety of flowers quickly and easily but don't know where to get started? Get ready to impress your friends, family, with the Dazzling Dahlia Collection! From beginner to advanced crafters, this collection is designed for you to create flowers, full of dimensional layers simply and easily! 

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Click play and join Emma Lou now and learn how to maximize your creativity with the versatility of the Dahlias from the Dazzling Dahlia Collection! From beginner to advanced, following these tips and techniques will take your flower shaping skills from “blah” to “I can’t believe I just created this”. Whether you need a single flower with layers that transcend the card or you or want to create an impressive bouquet exploding with color, the Dazzling Dahlia is versatile enough to have you covered for any occasion, and any skill level!


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Renee Hamschin
April 4, 2021 at 10:22 AM
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