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Shape the Classic Petunia two different ways - A step by step tutorial.

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Hey friends how are you enjoying your weekend? 

Are you a crafter that loves to be able to create many different flowers using the same stamps and dies? Be inspired to get flower making with this easy to follow step by step tutorial to create two different flowers today with the Classic Petunia collection. 

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Let's get started and create some everlasting flowers for your projects your friends and family will love.


Step 1:  Stamp the Classic Petunia with the Ranger Archival Cactus Flower ink for the flower and the Ranger ArchivalLeaf Green ink for the leaves onto white card.

Step 2: Shade the leaves using the Precision Daubers and the Ranger Archival Leaf Green ink.

Step 3: Shade the petals of the Petunia using the tip of the triangle of the Precision Dauber and the Ranger Archival Leaf Green Ink.

Step 4: Using a circular motion and the centre of the Precision Dauber color the Classic Petunia petals with Ranger Archival Cactus Flower ink.

Step 5: Die cut the flowers with the coordinating die.

Step 6: Shade the edges of the leaves with the Leaf Green ink.

Step 7: Shade the backs of the flowers with the Cactus Flower ink. 

Step 8: Shade the edges of the flowers with the Cactus Flower ink.

Step 9: Using the 3D Basics Flower Shaping Mold shape the flowers and leaves. TOP TIP: You can shape three layers in one go! Add the first layer and spritz with water, place the second layer over the first and spritz and then do the same with the third layer. Place the top over the base of the mold and run through your die cutting machine. Too see all the compatable machines for the molds click here.

Step 10: Tip the flowers and leaves from the mold and while wet pinch the petals of the flowers as in the picture above.

Step 11: This is what your flower should look like after you have pinched all the petals.

Step 12: Give the ends of the leaves a twist while they are still wet for added dimension. TOP TIP: If the diecuts dry out don't worry just spritz them to shape!

Step 13: Use the flower shaping tool and do a circular motion in the flower centres. This will bring up the petals and start to form the flower.

Step 14: Use the pierecing tool and mat from the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit and make a hole in the centre of all of your flowers and leaves.

Step 15: Take several stamens (Here we are using the Rock Candy Stamens) As these stamens are on a thread and not a wire take a piece of wire and fold over the centre of the thread.

Step 16: Pull the stamens through the hole of one flower.

Step 17: Add some of the Dries Clear Adhesive to the base of the flower. 

Step 18: Add two more layers of flowers and two leaves, adding adhesive every layer to create a beautiful flower.

Step 19: Place Dries Clear Adhesive onto a sponge and add glue to each petal of the flower.

Step 20: Pour Crystal Clear Powder over the flower to add sparkle!

The Classic Petunia is such a versatile flower here is another way of shaping it for you! Use the same shaping methods Step 1-13 above and then create another beautiful flower with the following steps.

Step 21: For this flower you will need 6 x flowers of the same size and 2 leaves. Take 3 of the flowers and shape them from the back so the stamped side is on the back. Take another three and shape them in their centres with the stamped side up. Shapethe flowers and leaves with a circular motion in their centres.

Step 22: Using hot glue add adhesive to each petal as above.

Step 23: Close the flower together to create a bud. TOP TIP: Hot glue is much quicker to use for this process. You can use wet glue but it will take longer to dry.

Step 24: Adhere the bud to the centre of another flower.

Step 25: Adhere the petals so that they stick to the sides of the bud and repeat so you have three layers in the centre bud.

Step 26: Take the three other flowers left and adhere the bud to the centre ofthe first and then adhere the last two to create a flower as above. TOP TIP: Use your fingers to create more shapre and ruffles until you are happy with the results.

All you need to do now is add your flowers to a project! 

Have lots flower shaping fun! You can find more shaping techinques with the Classic Petunia in this video here  We love to see your projects, make sure you share them with us over on our Facebook page here

Tutorial By Liz Gaze

Heartfelt Creations Supplies:

Large Classic Petunia Cling Stamp

Large Classic Petunia Die

Small Classic Petunia Cling Stamp

Small Classic Petunia Die

Rock Candy Stamens - Small

Crystal Clear Powder

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Metal Tip for Adhesive Bottles

Cactus Flower Ink

Leaf Green Ink

3D Floral Basics Shaping Mold

Other Craft Supplies: Craft Wire


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What fun to try different ways to shape any and all of the Heartfelt Creations flowers!
Saturday 26th of May 2018 08:10 AM
So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the tips!
Saturday 26th of May 2018 08:43 AM
This is an excellent tutorial with absolutely wonderful photos that show every aspect of the process of assembling the flowers and leaves. The colouring shows up well too. This makes it very easy to compare your progress and keep on track to really learn the techniques that are being demonstrated. I love this tutorial! I wish they could all be so clear and well defined.
Saturday 26th of May 2018 01:06 PM
Beautiful flowers and excellent tutorial. Thank you Liz
Saturday 26th of May 2018 03:33 PM
Saturday 26th of May 2018 06:59 PM
Wonderful tutorial Liz, I have that kit so I will try them in your new way, all the Heartfelt Creations products are just wonderful , and after finish each project I always feel so happy and my hubby is amazing at my work, all the crafters that follow you are so lucky to been part of this big wonderful craft friendship.
Sunday 27th of May 2018 03:12 AM
Mooooooooooooooc pěkné.
Sunday 27th of May 2018 04:20 AM
This was very helpful. I liked the way you showed how to do the stamens. I can't wait to get started.
Sunday 27th of May 2018 09:06 AM
Beautiful !!
Sunday 27th of May 2018 03:04 PM
What a new way to do the petunias, like it. now need to try it.
Monday 28th of May 2018 09:10 AM
Beautiful flowers.
Wednesday 8th of August 2018 06:27 AM
You make it look so easy but there is definitely some talent in the mix. Beautiful job.
Sunday 16th of December 2018 01:29 PM