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Announcing 2018 cardmaking and papercrafting classes

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I took a class in Tacoma last year and even tho I had some of the flowers I didn't really know how to use them. Now I do and am so grateful. Can't wait for them to come to Puyallup! -Kay Matson

Lush Lilac Card Class

Classic Petunia Foldout Card Class

Elegant Carnation Bouquet Flowershaping Class

Frosty Winter's Eve Card Class

Layered Wildwood Cottage Mini Album

I have been to two different card events where your company has sponsored classes - everything I made in your class was exquisite and they are the first classes I gravitate to if attending an event -Cynthia Sondeno

I took a heartfelt Rose class when your team came to PA this July - changed my crafting forever -Maria Pane

Find a class near you and register now.


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I love everything ,the fairies and flowers is just absolutely beautiful I be in Mi I can't wait thank you. xxx and hugs.
Saturday 30th of December 2017 05:34 AM
Elegant Carnation Bouquet Flowe shopping Clas vind ik leuk
Saturday 30th of December 2017 06:04 AM
I found you guys this year and I am totally i love with your products, and your videos showing ideas. My experience when buying from you has been excellent. Happy New Year!
Saturday 30th of December 2017 08:31 AM
Exciting!!! Beautiful projects!!! Hope to see you in May at Novi MI!!!
Saturday 30th of December 2017 08:42 AM
Hi Emma Lou, I noticed that you do not have a shows in Akron Ohio for your card classes .We have a show coming up in April called Adventures in stamping. Hint, Hint!!!!! lol
Saturday 30th of December 2017 09:19 AM
I can hardly wait. I love your products and I love your classes. The classes have really helped make me a better crafter. People tell me they look forward to receiving my cards. Thank you for all you do.
Saturday 30th of December 2017 09:53 AM
I can't wait to take some of your classes at the Expo! I'm thrilled you offer them on both Friday and Saturday as I have to work Friday. Looking forward to seeing you in March!
Saturday 30th of December 2017 10:42 AM
Can't wait to take these classes! They look wonderful, interesting and exciting. They will brighten up the long cold winter we seem to be in for.
Saturday 30th of December 2017 10:46 AM
I’m taking ALL of these classes. I’m a Heartfelt groupie❤️
Saturday 30th of December 2017 02:12 PM
I want to make all these cards!! They are all beautiful. How will I decide which classes to take?
Saturday 30th of December 2017 02:54 PM
I really do enjoy getting your emails as they have many ideas. Shame America is so far away from New Zealand (not a part of Australia as many wrongly think) as I would love to be able to attend a crafting event and/or class.. I have to be content with what I get electronically. Thank you for the ideas and material you supply.
Saturday 30th of December 2017 03:23 PM
This I great. All ages,men all ages. Children too People that can't go to shows. Area that they live at no transportation. Groups And families can learn. The more u put in your brain. The better. Even if it is this. The more u know The more u go. Their is more U grow too
Saturday 30th of December 2017 03:28 PM
Wow, that is an awesome card kit selection. Can't wait to attend the classes
Saturday 30th of December 2017 03:59 PM
love all the projects can't wait for the Novi, MI convention in May!
Saturday 30th of December 2017 07:16 PM
All of them! Hoping I can take some this year.
Saturday 30th of December 2017 07:56 PM
Would love to be ask to attend your classes, I have enjoyed the ones online so I know I'd love ones in person. I am having fun with all the new products that I'ver ordered.
Saturday 30th of December 2017 09:25 PM
Love these! Could we possibly have these as online classes too ... for those of us not in the USA?? :) Would be wonderful to add to my growing list of HC classes lol xx
Sunday 31st of December 2017 03:36 AM

TRACY Heartfelt Creations
Hi Mary, What a great suggestion! I have passed it on for further consideration. Have a spectacular day!
Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 09:48 AM

Many thanks Tracy! I know lots would be willing to purchase these classes in the UK and even if they didnt I certainly would! lol xx
Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 12:22 PM
cannot wait to get started they look beautiful
Sunday 31st of December 2017 05:15 AM
Love the upcoming LILAC class. I HOPE this means you are debuting a lilac collection in January.
Sunday 31st of December 2017 05:31 PM
Lush lilac must be a new collection to be released - can't wait for that one! Hope to take all the classes offered!
Monday 1st of January 2018 03:39 PM
So where are the list of card making class for:" Classic Petunia Foldout Card Class' in Texas. Need places and dates and times. thank you
Tuesday 2nd of January 2018 08:54 AM

Hi Candy, We are in Texas three times this year teaching classes at conventions. The dates, places, and times can be located under "Classes at Shows" at this link: You can contact customer service at [email protected] if you need any additional help or information. Have a wonderful day!
Wednesday 3rd of January 2018 10:06 AM
Cannot wait to take all of these classes! Mini album especially! Love your products and have taken many of your classes before. They make elegant carding making or mini albums so easy that you feel like a true artist when you are done and come out of class. I've used your inspiration in many of my projects and always look forward to your new collections. Thank you so much for helping me stay creative.
Saturday 6th of January 2018 05:16 PM
Tracy thank you for information I love your site and all your papers & just everything. I'm going to be a new customer and cannot wait to get started. Thanks again for answering my question on how to make flowers. I will watch the videos. Have a blessed day, to the whole crew at Heartfelt.
Tuesday 9th of January 2018 04:59 PM
I took all your classes last year in Lancaster PA and I hope to do so again this year. Love your collections.
Friday 9th of February 2018 01:06 PM