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EZ Gift Card Envelope tutorial

We often get lots of occasions which we need a gift for! We all really love, love, love giving gifts.and super love receiving them too!!  And what if the gift is nicely presented with all our love in a handcrafted envelope.....Awww that is a cherry on top. Let's have some creative fun together creating a super easy and an elegant envelope using the Border Basic Dies, which can be used for gifting small jewellery items, gift cards, Pictures, and much more. So sit back and relax with a huge cup of coffee and enjoy this step by step tutorial from Rajni.

Our Crafters say

High quality material, produce wonderful collections and products, ease of completing a project because everything is included to inspire me to be creative and you can also intermix with other HC collections. -Janet Anderson

Y'all have made me feel like I can do cards with flowers that look like a million bucks but yet they are so very easy to do. And people can't believe they are handmade! Thank you for all that you all do. -Jennifer Hickerson

I just LOVE LOVE  Heartfelt Creations products!!!! Heartfelt Creations has brought my scrapbooking and card making to a whole new level!! -Barbara Bell


Step 1 Envelope Base: Cut a smooth white card stock measuring 7” by 12”. Score at 4” and 8” on the longer side. On one end place the decorative border from the Delicate Border die and place the coordinating die on the other end. 

Tips to remember here:

Tip1. Since the paper is wider than the platform of die cutting machine, the pressure will not be even in the center. To get a crisp and neat cut, heat set the paper a little with your heat gun. That will remove the moisture of the paper if any and it will help give a crisp cut. Also, use an extra shim to build extra pressure on rollers.

Tip2. Always remove extra stickiness form printers tape by sticking and removing it a couple of times on your hand.

Tip3: Stick the dies with the tape in such a way that painters tape relaxes on the paper which has to be discarded after the cut. Check the picture for reference.

Step 2 Crease the envelope base on score lines and glue another white die cut on the inside of the fold as well.

Tip4. Gluing a same die cut on the back side will add an extra beauty to your project besides making it sturdier. Though adding an extra die cut also adds to extra hard work but it’s worth all our efforts when it gives extra life to our projects. 

Step 3 Choose designer paper for all the 6 panels measuring 3 7/8” by 6 7/8”. For both the panels having border cuts, tape down the designer paper back to back, adhere the basic border die and run them through die cutting machine. Also, distress them lightly using Vintage photo Distress Ink. Save one left out cut to create an inside pocket for the envelope.

Tip5: Keep hoarding the left overs. You never know when you'll be able to use them to create other master pieces!

Step 4 Glue a white delicate border to 4 of the curved panels from the back side of the designer paper as shown. 

Step 5 Cover the envelope base with a designer paper by gluing all panels using an adhesive that dries clear. Here is the envelope, it looks like when closed. 

Here is how it looks like from inside after covering all the panels with designer paper. Did you noticed the beautiful pocket which I created using left out of paper on the top panel??
Looks fabulous and can hold tags as well. 

Here is how it looks from out side when covered with designer paper. 

Step 6 For the side hinges, cut the paper measuring 3’ by 3 ½ “and score each time at ½” on the shorter side. Add red tacky tape and add the hinges to the envelope as shown.

The envelope can hold 4-5 photo mats, small jewelry, and gift tags!

Step 7 Belly Band: Cut a strip measuring 1” by 8” from white cardstock, designer paper 7/8” by 8”, one circle frame by nesting 2nd and 3rdouter dies of classic circle die, one circle base from pattern paper and a die cut of Raindrop and Roses die. Glue both the strips and score at 2” and 6” as shown. 

Step 8 Stamp and cut Sunflowers using color box dark brown ink. Color the flowers with Harvest, Pumpkin Spice, and Red Barn, with the help of Stack and Store Daubers. Shape the flowers using Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit. Follow Emma’s video for easy shaping of Sunflowers. Add details to flowers by adding Crystal Clear Glitters and Frosting Powder. Also, add prills in the center using an adhesive that dries clear.

Adhere all the elements and form a belly band around the envelope. Add Crystal Clear to the frame using Glossy Accent.

Step 9 Assemble and complete the envelope by adding photo mats and a fussy cut butterfly from the paper collection.

Creating gift envelopes is so much fun and addictive that I created lots more by trying my hands with other border dies and pattern paper collections as well. Here are few other I made to give you a few more ideas of decorating these fun envelopes.

Delicate Border Basics Die

Elegant Border Basics Die

Classic Border Basics Die

Fleur Border Basics Die

Raindrops on Roses Die

Classic Sunflower Cling Stamp

Classic Sunflower Die

Crystal Clear Powder

Deluxe Flower shaping Kit

Dries Clear Glue

ColorBox Dark Brown chalk ink

ColorBox Harvest Chalk Ink

ColorBox Pumpkin Spice Chalk Ink

12" x 12" White Card 

Other Supplies Needed: 
Smooth white Cardstock, Glossy Accent, Red Tacky tape, Score board. 

Here are some more ideas for you to decorate your envelope too, have lots of fun!

What do you like about what you just saw? 


Amazing tutorial, thanks for sharing!
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 05:05 AM

Thanks Mona.
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:33 PM
OMG....where does one begin commenting on the beauty of these envelopes? So stunning. I just recently purchased the four sets of these dies and I love, love, love them. So many beautiful combinations for using them. My crafting friend and I made 14 Christmas cards last week using them and we've only just begun. Great post today, as always.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 07:40 AM

I am glad that you liked the tutorial. I m sure you are going to love border dies once you start playing with them.
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:35 PM
Beautiful from the first to the last...........Ana Faure
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:15 AM

Thanks :)
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:36 PM
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:30 AM

Thanks :)
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:37 PM
This is an excellent tutorial on gorgeous envelope making. I am excited to try it as soon as I have become proficient at flower-making and card design and construction. I really love the way many different elements come together to make a sensational presentation card, envelope or other paper construction The more I see Heartfelt dies, stamps and accessories the more enamored I become with the products. They are mainly responsible for my getting back into scrapbooking and cardmaking and I am very, very glad they did. The superb tutorials also contributed to my determination to start again.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:37 AM

Thank you my friend.... Very happy for your come back to crafting. I m sure you will enjoy more creating using their products. Happy Crafting:!!
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:39 PM
everything, beautiful cards. love the die cuts!!
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:57 AM

Thanks :)
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:40 PM
Oh wow, this is just amazing....Ursula xx
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 11:26 AM

Thanks :)
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:41 PM
What a beautiful tutorial!! . Would love to see more ideas other than making cards.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 12:10 PM

I m glad you liked the tutorial.
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:42 PM
I love love the colors! The pumpkin spice, drown and harvest are some of my favorite. The lacy border dies make everything so elegant! I love everything about this project! Thank you!
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 02:59 PM

Thank you so very much for the kind words. Fall colors are mine favourite too.
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:43 PM
This is so beautiful--what a treat it would be for a recipient! It could also be adapted for any holiday but would be gorgeous for Christmas.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 03:04 PM

Thanks :)
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:44 PM
Beautiful. Next time in craft room, I am going to have to try these out. I'm always looking for a new exciting card and this is wonderful. I have been struggling with the border dies as I want to use the and this is a true inspiration! Heartfelt creations design team out shines once again.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 03:06 PM

Happy to know that the tutorial was helpful to you. Thanks for the kind words.
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 02:45 PM
Lovely, as always
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 03:27 PM

Thanks :)
Thursday 14th of September 2017 03:50 PM
Love this gift card idea and the other examples using all the other beautiful paper collections. Thanks for sharing this wonderfully EZ technique.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 04:31 PM

I m glad that you liked the idea. ....Thanks:)
Thursday 14th of September 2017 03:51 PM
Rajni, this is stunning. I am always looking for ideas for gift cards and this tutorial came at just the right time as I have lots of September birthdays. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift card. Jeanette from New Zealand.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 04:53 PM

I m happy that I was able to inspire you. Thanks for your kind words:)
Thursday 14th of September 2017 03:53 PM
BEAUTIFUL. This is taking envelope making over the top! Thank you for your easy to follow instructions. As always, making and giving Heartfelt Creations cards etc. make me feel so proud when I see the look on the recipient's face. Thank you.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 07:17 PM

Thanks for your kind words:)
Thursday 14th of September 2017 03:54 PM
Beautiful! I will definitely be trying this. Thank you for so many great tutorials!
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:38 PM

Thursday 14th of September 2017 03:55 PM
Beautiful, exquisite ideas. Thank you.
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:40 PM

Thursday 14th of September 2017 03:56 PM
Sunflowers always bring on smiles! I've seen decorated envelopes on European Pinterest sites...a typical wedding gift presentation for cash. Love that this envelope has depth. thanks for this easy to follow tutorial!
Saturday 2nd of September 2017 10:54 PM
Love this card and so appreciate the intricate tutorial with pictures. Now I can make it over and over.
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 01:57 AM
They are absolutely beautiful !
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 05:58 AM
OH MY GOSH!!! Those sunflowers are simply stunning done in lighter, brighter tones for early Fall . . . and shaped to perfection! And the gift envelope is the perfect project on which to showcase them!
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 10:03 AM
Beautiful job! Thanks for the tutorial! Love the edge.
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 10:40 AM
I find your tutorials very helpful and enjoy all your correspondence!
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 11:53 AM
This is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 04:13 PM
Love your idea. So unique. On my to do soon list.
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 05:47 PM
It is so beautiful and yet unattainable for me. I think I can do it but then I can't. I keep watching and watching but never succeed in getting something beautiful. But I will keep at it until I can at least get something similiar.
Sunday 3rd of September 2017 10:31 PM

Hi Dolores, Honestly, the first time we at Heartfelt try anything, it rarely gets published. We do have the most beautiful trash on earth (my opinion only!). Like with sports or music we practice, practice, practice. Have fun on your practice journey and enjoy every moment knowing the next time you make something it will be even better than what is currently in your hand! The best is just ahead! Have a craftacular day!
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 08:21 AM
Just loved the card
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 03:46 AM
Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Love my HFC !!
Tuesday 5th of September 2017 05:43 PM
So so so pretty! I don't know if I cpuld even begin to make something this pretty. I am going to watch your videos!
Wednesday 6th of September 2017 06:17 PM
Fantastic tutorial the instructions so easy to understanding can't wait to make the card. I have just purchased the dies and also the Fleur borders dies. Wonder how they will work using your instructions, Thank you so you for sharing, I am new to this, and the heartfelt products are just the best to work with, no mistakes.
Friday 8th of September 2017 09:06 PM
You did a great job on this tutorial. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The gift envelopes are just beautiful. I'll let you know how mine turns out (when I can finish one.) Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
Sunday 10th of September 2017 04:05 AM
These projects are a beautiful and most original idea! (That I'm going to copy, tee hee!) I wish I were this creative!!
Thursday 14th of September 2017 11:16 PM